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San Diego Asian Film Festival 2013

Festival Lineup By Sections

Asia Pop!

Films to make you laugh, cry, and cheer, featuring master b-boys and master chefs, scary fathers and dear grannies, and a certain legendary hero named Ip Man.


Asian American Panorama

The best of Asian American cinema in all of its colors -- from short film programs and animation, to documentaries about the famous and infamous, to feature-length tales of woe and humor.



From Asia's most innovative and thought-provoking filmmakers come new stories and new ways of telling them.


Late Night

A prescription for anyone who needs a higher dosage of film. Best taken at midnight on an empty stomach.



Fresh from Cannes, Toronto, and other prestigious international film festivals, these are premieres and rediscoveries of works by the world's best directors.


How to Festival -- with secret tips!

Too many films? Need a place to start?

More importantly, do you have long-standing questions of the heart you need answered and that you know only a film festival can provide? Then you need secret tips! Check out one of our self-help guides to navigating the festival.

And while you’re at it, catch HOW TO USE GUYS WITH SECRET TIPS, which has the answers to life’s many mysteries.