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San Diego Asian Film Festival 2013

NICE GIRLS CREW and FLAT3: A Drive-By Cinema exclusive!

Nice Girls Crew + Flat3

Our favorite trios of feisty, troublemaking ladies are back!

Two of our favorite webseries — NICE GIRLS CREW and FLAT3 — are returning with new seasons this fall, and SDAFF is proud to offer festival-goers a sneak peek of both on Sunday, Nov. 10 at the Drive-By Cinema truck just outside the Digiplex Mission Valley. And it’s freeee!!

Nice Girls Crew


Last year, book-club frenemies Sophie (Lynn Chen), Leena (Sheetal Sheth), and Geraldine (Michelle Krusiec) stomped over the classics and talked dirty. This season, they take the field with special guests Leonardo Nam, Parvesh Cheena, and the indomitable Tsai Chin.

Catch up with season 1 here.



In 2011, director Roseanne Liang stole our hearts with the SDAFF hit My Wedding and Other Secrets. Last year, she did it again with New Zealand twenty-somethings Lee (Ally Xue), Jessica (JJ Fong), and Perlina (Perlina Lau), who know about as much about love as they do about finding jobs or dealing with home intruders. Namely nothing. Luckily for us (not so much for them), they still share the same apartment and are back for season 2.

Catch up with season 1 here.

Drive By Cinema 2

Stop by Drive-by!

How will we screen them? You decide! The beauty of the internet is that the people decide what to see, in what order, and for what reason. The beauty of the festival is that we can make loud noises, create a lot of hoopla, and wear costumes! It’s happening Sunday, Nov. 10 outside the Digiplex, some time as the sun disappears between 4-8pm. Extra goodies are a given. Let’s go!