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San Diego Asian Film Festival 2013



Directed by Shen Ko-shang

Discoveries / Taiwan / 2012 / documentary, family / 54 mins / Mandarin, Taiwanese with English subtitles / HD / International Premiere


UCSD Price Center Theater
November 9, 2013 12:25 pm


Grand Prize, 2013 Taipei Film Festival

Caring for an autistic adult can be seen as an act of faith. It is unpredictable. A regular interaction can lead to a violent lashing-out. The award-winning A ROLLING STONE documents such moments. However, due to its lack of exposition and its pure form of observation, the film captures something even more profound: life as a collection of failure, pain, and tragedy as felt by its protagonist, Chen Hung-tung, a father who cares with extraordinary patience for his autistic son Li-fu.

Director Shen Ko-shang (who had a short in 10+10, SDAFF ’12) masterfully puts together the most ordinary – yet most important – moments of a man’s life in this effective, powerful, and ultimately heartbreaking documentary. Some will see the film as a testament to patience, while others will see it as a tragedy of lives lost to fate. A ROLLING STONE is without exception one of the most evocative documentaries ever filmed about the direct effects of autism on the family unit. –Phillip Lorenzo

Co-sponsored by: UCSD Chuan Lyu Endowed Chair in Taiwan Studies, UCSD Taiwan Studies Lecture Series

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UCSD Price Center Theater
November 9, 2013 12:25 pm