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San Diego Asian Film Festival 2012

Welcome to the Great Cinema Party!

Posted September 24th, 2012 by Brian in Announcements

The entertainment has arrived, the talent’s in the green room, and the drinks are on ice. Some call it a film festival, but this year I’m calling it, to borrow the title of Raya Martin’s new feature, a cinema party. It’s not just a celebration, though there is plenty to celebrate. It’s an upheaval, somewhere between a circus and a revolution. And is there no better way of thinking about cinema than that?

We’ve got the west coast premiere of Sion Sono’s THE LAND OF HOPE, which sends traditional family melodrama a shock to the heart. We’re showing the riveting documentary THE WORLD BEFORE HER, which collides beauty queens and aspiring terrorists. We’ve got an interactive culinary experience with TV’s Beverly Kim. And we’re opening with a musical juggernaut which proves that no matter where we come from or what we look like, anything is possible. We want to do more than celebrate that fact; we want to bask in it and invite everyone to join us under the glow.

And we mean everyone. More than ever, there’s something for everyone at our 13th edition, from blockbusters with bite to homemade tales with heart. And this year, we’re bringing it out. The UltraStar Mission Valley is still home base, but we also want to party in north county at Cinepolis, at the park at MOPA, on campus at UCSD, in the kitchens of USD, and uptown in North Park. So break out the party dress and follow the music, because you’re invited. Cheers!