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2015 San Diego Asian Film Festival

Welcome to the 16th San Diego Asian Film Festival

Posted September 24th, 2015 by Brian in Uncategorized

Miss India America 2

Blast the music and hang up the signs!

This year, the San Diego Asian Film Festival turns 16 and it’s gonna be sweet. The ten-day party is a celebration of Asian and Asian American cinema’s vitality and continued emergence. The host is Pacific Arts Movement, the venues are throughout San Diego County, and the partygoers are you: the audiences, the members, the filmmakers.

Check out over 130 films from Asia and beyond. Join us in paying tribute to legends like Tyrus Wong and Kiju Yoshida, and new trailblazers like Ken Jeong and the artists at BuzzFeed. Come for the premieres and stay for the Q&As with filmmakers and actors. Take the conversation from the auditorium to the internet and elevate the national conversation about Asian and Asian American stories, politics, and representation. Our festival is just the beginning of a celebration and movement that is itching to get off the ground.