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2014 San Diego Asian Film Festival

15 Questions & 15 Answers with David Au

Posted November 3rd, 2014 by leeannkim in Blog

15 Questions and 15 Answers (in 15 words or less) with Director David Au about his feature film, EAT WITH ME by Lee Ann Kim


1. How would you describe your film to a stranger?

Foodie dramedy about Emma who escapes her marriage and crashes with her estranged gay son.

2. Is the story or any of the characters in EAT WITH ME based on real life?

The first scene of the film was based on my parents. I elaborated from there.

3. You’ve worked with Sharon Omi, who plays the mother, for more than a decade in a previous film as well. What’s your connection with her, and did you write the role specifically for her?     

Sharon auditioned for my short “Fresh Like Strawberries” and she became Emma ever since

4. I’m curious to know if your parents have seen this film and if so their reaction?

They enjoyed it, but my mom’s first response was, “why was there so much sex?”

5. Kudos for getting George Takei to play a role.  Any interesting story on how you got him?

My producer Joyce bumped into George at a play and immediately pitched it to him.

6. Who did you envision would be the audience for EAT WITH ME?

People who has a relationship with their moms, foodies, Asian Americans, LGBT communities and allies.

7. And like title suggests, shouldn’t watch this on an empty stomach. Are you a foodie?

Yes indeed. I love trying new restaurants and food trucks wherever I can find.

8. Are you more of a noodles or rice person?

Definitely noodle person, it goes with the dumpling territory.

9. What’s your go-to late night snack?

Tacos if I can get to my favorite truck, otherwise, instant ramen would do.

10. Favorite scene in the movie?

When Emma goes home to visit her estranged husband, it was subtle and heartbreaking.

11. Best part of being a filmmaker?

To collaborate with talented actors and crew to bring a script into a moving picture.

12. Worst part of being a filmmaker?

To find ways to pay bills and raise funding for the films.

13. Any guilty pleasures that you’re willing to share?

It was hard for everyone to control themselves from eating the props before shooting.

14. If you could direct any actor in the world, who would that be and why?

Maggie Cheung. I get goose bumps every time I watch “In the Mood For Love,”

15. What do you look forward to most at the San Diego Asian Film Festival?

The whole team is very excited to meet other filmmakers and all the festival staff.


You can watch EAT WITH ME and meet David Au in person at the Mission Valley UltraStar on Friday, November 8 @ 7PM.  For tickets or more info, click here