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SDAFF 2013 Spring Showcase


Pacific Arts Movement (Pac-Arts), formerly the San Diego Asian Film Foundation, is one of the largest media arts organizations in North America that focuses on Asian American and Asian international cinema.

PACIFIC acknowledges our proud roots in San Diego and the transnational cultures that intersect as part of the Pacific Rim and beyond.

While the focus of our ARTS medium is film, we treasure the many forms of storytelling to express boundless stories.

We are part of a MOVEMENT for positive social change by transforming hearts and minds; inspiring innovators; and making visible new stories and traditions.


As a catalyst for social change, our mission is to create transformational experiences through the Pan Asian media arts.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Presenting unique, culturally-enriching programs that would otherwise be  inaccessible to the public;
  • Engaging the public in meaningful discourse and positive social change through  our programs;
  • Promoting artistic excellence, innovation and the independent voice;
  • Strengthening San Diego as an arts destination.


The following values help shape our work at Pac-Arts:

  • Innovation/Creativity: being ahead of the curve
  • Excellence: exceeding expectations
  • Leadership: being the one others turn to
  • Creating community: bringing people of all different backgrounds and  experiences together
  • Fun/Hip/Cool: understanding trends, creative inclusive programs that everyone  wants to be a part of

We also value our strong ties with area schools, providing educational opportunities to enhance students’ learning in film analysis and production, ethnic studies, language, humanities, political science, history, religion, marketing, and social advocacy. Pac-Arts works with the University of San Diego, San Diego State University, UC San Diego, Cal State San Marcos, City College, Southwestern College, Miramar College, High Tech High School, Kearny High, Crawford High school, among many others.

We also work with more than 100 community, business, and school groups who partner with us on various programs throughout the year.